Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Founding of Academics & Researchers Forum for Development

The founding conference of Academics & Researchers Forum for Development took place in South Sudan Hotel in Juba, between 22nd and 23rd February 2011. The conference which was addressed by Dr Riek Machar Teny, the Vice President of South Sudan, agreed to take the above name and elected a 9-person committee to draft the constitution and complete the setting up of the organization. The provisional committee is to be chaired by John Apuruot Akec and includes Dr. Hakim Moi, Dr. Dhieu Mathok Wol, Dr. Alfred Lokuji, Dr. Lado Wani Kenyi, Dr. Kimo Aban Adiebo, Dr. Melha Rout Biel, Dr. Lebon Nelson, and Ms. Lily Akol Akol.

The Forum is an academics and researchers-led think tank and advocacy group for good governance, poverty reduction, and conflict prevention in South Sudan, and East African region. The Forum’s objects include:

o Promoting awareness and encouraging economic and socio-cultural studies and scholarship on contemporary issues confronting South Sudan people, their history, cultural heritage, social and political development and the way forward as a new born nation-state and country.

o Promoting public policy research, analysis and development in the areas of economic, civil and socio-cultural rights challenges to the development of South Sudanese state and society.

o Promoting mutually beneficial relationships (partnerships) with government, industry, civil society organizations and other cultural, research and academic institutions in South Sudan and abroad with similar aims and interest.

o Contributing to shaping of development agenda and identification of priorities

o Promoting the indigenization of development process

o Fostering a culture of intellectual innovation, creativity and knowledge generation among South Sudanese academics and researchers

o Contributing to professional and institutional capacity building

The conference was attended by representatives of media houses, NGOs and civil society organizations such as Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Norwegian Church Aid, and Justice Africa.

Dr. John A. Akec
Chairperson of Provisional Committee


  • I congratulate the southern Sudanese scholars for the founding of the ARFD. The establishment of this important institution shows vision for the future and commitment to good governance, peace, and development. I hope the ARFD receives full support it deserves from the GoSS so that it can contribute positively to the state- and nation-building process.

    Aleksi Ylönen
    University of Bayreuth

    By Blogger Aleksi, At 7:17 AM  

  • What a marvellous move from our acedamics. A country without thinkers has no future. You are setting a direction for the generations of tomorrow. I hope young reseachers will join you and the forum will grow into different sectors of our society in order to inform the policies in our new born nation. Be sure of our support.

    Fr. Mathew pagan
    Justice and Peace Commission
    Catholic Church

    By Blogger Mathew P. Padiet, At 11:45 AM  

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