Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Crimes and Dodgy Deals

By J.A. Akec

Crimes and dodgy deals,
Politicians dying like flies.
Gold teeth,
Diamond rings,
Dark glasses on,
Merchants of blood's money
Rampant everywhere.

Mobile phones dangling on hips
Silvery watches shining on wrists
Blue coats and red ties dazzling
Digital cameras flashing
Wicket similes flying
Watch out brothers and sisters
The Mafia coming our way!

Widows wailing
Kids crying
The elite rushing
After the black gold rash
Hydrocarbons riches up for a grab
No one gives a damn!

Thousands of refugees suffering
Dying in the ramshackle in desert and bush
Greedy politicians vying for power
Elbowing each other
Who cares?

Hollow sounding slogans
Empty vacuous speeches
No longer mean a thing!
No rain
No harvest
Masses starving in South
The elite enjoying gossips
And quality time in their workshops!

Cronies everywhere
Creeping under tables
Cleaning boots
Begging for crumbs
Pleading for a share of the loot!

The elite agree
Then disagree
Innocent given poison to drink
Crimes and dodgy deals
Politicians dying like flies
Buried in shallow graves
No mark
No name

Sheep confused
Self-seeking shepherds bemused
Gone for cover
Nowhere to be seen
The poor left alone to scream
But with no one to discover

Hydrocarbon riches looted
Before the twilight
Not a trickle will touch our lips

A nation deformed from birth,
Doomed from the beginning
Drifting like a ship without power
Blown by winds in the Arabian seas
The drunken crews
Lay asleep on the deck
Radars off
Ship heading for a rock

So runs the sad tale of a land
The world just discovered
But soon forgotten
To rot in crimes
Dodgy deals
And death
Until none is left
To switch off the Light
As what was once called South Sudan
Disappears in the Heart of Darkness
And all it morals gone missing through the Night.