Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I wished I were a poet!

By John A. Akec*

Achol Madut,
Daughter of Madut Ring
An SPLA martyr
A gentleman so brave
Like his countless comrades
Who gave up everything for freedom
By putting all at stake
She asked: uncle dear
Write me a poem!
To speak of war
And of sacrifices so great
And peace so near
Of culture that amazes
And land so beautiful
Of past very grave
And future so hopeful
Could you please?
Earnestly she pleads!
Sorry, replies uncle
I wish I were a poet!
I wish I have words
To tell the story so rich
That no words can simply reach
As it all lies beyond the clouds
For a man like me
Standing here beneath!
Achol, I wished I were a poet!
I would describe a people very tough
Freedom they love
In face of death they laugh
Dignity they worship
For its sake they perished
Not in hundreds
Not in thousands
But in their millions
In the dawn of third millennium
Achol, I wished I were a poet!
I would describe a land
Of hills and tall mountains
Of green forests
Of blue skies
Of grassy plains
Which rivers have spoilt
And gave it beauty
Hard to explain!
Given by Almighty
For us to enjoy
And at its sight
We wonder and recoil!
Achol, I wished I were a poet!
To describe a land with such promise
Of prosperity and bliss
Of abundance waiting
Which no one can afford to miss!
As the peace dawns
On the ghost cities
As the guns go silent
On the streets and bush
And development knocking the gates of New Kush!
Achol, I wish I were a poet
To describe all this
As the peace songs rise
And as the doves fly
In the skies of New Kush!
I wish I have words to describe all this!
To describe this bliss
That is waiting
And happiness not to be missed
Happiness not to be missed!

* Was written first posted on ssnet on 15 August 2005
London UK