Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Beggar, where is thy star?

By John A. Akec

Sitting by the roadside,
Gazing into sky
Full of void
Where are my stars?
Gasped little girl
Jumping amongst rubbish
Catching Grasshoppers
Mother looking to the West
Over her head,
Roared a plane
Pouring down its white smoke
Caring less
For the car-less!
Bar footed
She, skipped and skids
Amongst the rubbish
Gazing into the sky
Seeing void
Looking into empty bowl
What happened to my coins?
For answers, she receives none
The good Lord,
Once trod this earth
He wept for spiritually lost
And for paupers and down trodden, too
Here beggars lining the street
By every corner
Under the tree
On the bus
Banging on your door
Women beggars
Men beggars
Young and old
Able bodied
And physically challenged
Peering into sky
Seeing void
No hope
No end…
Oh beggar, where is thy star?


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