Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Outraged by Uganda’s Secret Genocide?

I am, and I do lose sleep becuase of it.

And as Juba Peace Talks disappear from headlines, it is becoming abundantly clear that to many that thr IDPs concentration camps in Northern Uganda is one of the biggest crimes of the last and this century - like Darfur and Rwanda.

The latest figures on mortality rate in Northern Uganda IDPs camps is 1,500 per month. That is 3 times that of Darfur!

An ABC News article sheds light on this "secret genocide" against the Acholi ethnic Ugandans and provides ample space for comments.

These are some of comments:
"President Clinton stated that "If we had only known" in reference to Rwanda. We do know that this is a problem, Uganda. We can do something about it. It is time, NOW!"

"Kudos to those who are telling the story, exposing the truth!Another truth is that the US and donor countries have donated millions of dollars to this regime that has failed to protect its citizens and allowed them to rot in these concentration camps. The money does not get to the people and there is nothing to show for it.US and donor governments have to also be held accountable to make sure that the money that is given to the Government of Uganda is used for the purpose. What can you do? Write to your government demanding to know what programs it supports. Then ask where the evidence is that the money is being used for the purpose it is given. Keep in mind that the US government considers this abominable government of Uganda to be an ally. It knows exactly what northerners in Uganda have had to go through in the past 11 years in these wretched camps. Also keep informed: Read All read what is NOT there. Your voice when added to others DOES count!"Carolyn
Posted by: Carolyn

"My heart is crying for these people.....why do I see pictures of Paris Hilton in jail and are made to feel sorry for her when these innocent people are being killed. America's media sucks!!!! Shame on you!!!"
Posted by: Rita Kay May 18, 2007 12:36:12 PM
To access the ABC News article on "Secret Genocide in N. Uganda" and to post your comments follow this link:

Thanks - John A. Akec