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Northern Uganda Has Lived on a Knife's Edge for Too Long

By John A. Akec
2 July 2006
London, UK

"Injustice somewhere, is a threat to peace everywhere", Martin Luther King.

The past week has seen the issue of war in Northern Uganda stealing some headlines. What is evident from all that has been written in the media is that tradgedy of an enormous magnitude, which some have rightly called "silent genocide", has been unfolding in Northern Uganda for the past 20 years and has been ignored by the world's community. That a whole tribe and their cultures, values, and economy is being systematically anihilated. That as high as 95% of Acholi people in Northern Uganda have been forced to leave their ancenstral lands to live in poorly supplied concentration camps. Some 200 of them. That the current Ugandan government, which has been sending out contradictory signals whether to negotiate with LRA, is largely to blame for this human tradgedy.

Some words of concern have been expressed in the US and Britain. An alliance of organisations in Itally has petitioned president Yoweri Museveni to pursue peace. But more pressure is needed. In some cases, action is yet to follow words if this human catastrophe is to be halted in Northern Uganda.

Meanwhile, the ICC (International Criminal Court) has been busy in attempts to torpedo Riek Machar Initiative for peace in Northern Uganda. And New York based Human Rights Watch acknowledges the fact that terrible abuses have been committed by president Museveni's army and the ICC has done nothing to investigate the abuses, yet Human Right Watch paradoxically supports the ICC's flawed justice which does nothing but makes it much harder for LRA to come to a negotiating table.

The increased debate over the war in Norhern Uganda has vastly improved our knowledge of realities of this dirty war that went on for 2 decades in the backyard of an African nation that the IMF and World Bank regard as exemplary. As exposed in the following passages, not all the Ugandan citizens have been lucky under Museveni's rule.

Mark Simmonds (MP, Boston and Skegness, UK) who visited Northern Uganda recently and read reports by World Vision (Uganda) told British Parliament last week that 3,500 people die every month in Uganda's Internally Displaced-Persons' camps.This mortality rate is 3 times higher than those recodred in Darfur in 2005. He said it is not the Lord Resistance that is only terrorising people in those camps but also Ugandan Army "which is perpetrating some appalling atrocities with impunity, whether it be beatings, rape or, as is rumoured, killings"; that there are about 950,000 small arms in Uganda which is causing insecurity in northern Uganda, that about 40,000 children travel from rural country to displaced camps every night to seek protection.

Writing in the US infleuntial journal, Foreign Policy (July/Aug. 2006), an article entitled "Secret Genocide", Olara Otunnu, former UN undersecretary and special representative for children and arm conflict said:

" Imagine 4,000 sharing a latrine, women waiting for 12 hours to fill a jerrycan at well, 10 people packing themselves sardine-like in a hut."

He also said 1000 childern die every week in the region and the figure has been raised recently to 1,500 every week. On the LRA, Otunnu who is also a board member of Carnegie Endowment for Peace in the US, wrote:

"The truth is that reports of indisputable atrocities of the LRA are being employed to mask more serious crimes by the government itself. To keep the eyes of the world averted, the government has carefully scripted a narrative in which the catastrophe in northern Uganda begins with the LRA and will only end with its demise"

"But, under the cover of the war against these outlaws, an entire society, the Acholi people, has been moved to concentration camps and is being systematically destroyed physically, culturally, and economically. Everything Acholi is dying..".

He continued: "The Acholis plight, well known to embassies, U.N. agencies, NGOs, and human rights organizations. Yet those in a position to raise their voices have chosen to remain silent or worse, speak out in support of Museveni's regime..."

"The LRA is frightening, but northern Uganda's people have more to fear from their own government." He added (Foreign Affairs, July/August 2006).

The debate sparked off by recent peace initiative in Northern Uganda has come to challenge long held stereotypes that have been carefully designed by Ugandan government and rehearsed by the media. Apart from demystifying the LRA, the veil on the Ugandan government has been lifted. And what we see is not good, to say the least. For a Southern Sudanese like me, it is a too familiar story of oppression of the North by a Southern-dominated government in Kampala. It bauffles me how president Museveni, the architect of a policy that has killed and still kills so many Acholis has got away with it so lightly without being called to account or quickly negoatiate peace that will faciliate the speedy dismantling of these death camps.

In an article entitled "Survival in war-torn Uganda" publsihed in Anthropology Today, April 2006, Sverker Finnstrom, an academic at the University of Uppsala in Sweden who has been studying LRA and the war in northern Uganda for many years confirms the shocking truth which many had suspected all along about the government concentration camps. Finnstrom wrote:

"As part of its counter-insurgency tactics, in effort to deny the rebels food and other resources, the Ugandan army has forced large portions of population into camps with strict curfews...Oficially the camps, called 'protected villages', were created to protect people against rebels attacks. In practice it is different. It is the people protecting the army."

Finnstrom further explained that the army barracks are normally located in the centre of the camps surrounded by the displaced-persons huts. When a camp comes under a rebel attack, the army simply moves out of the camp before beginning to throw rocket launched gernades back into the camp, hence killing the very people they meant to protect. In this scenario, Finstrom conlcuded, those forced into the camps are being used as human shields against LRA attacks (PDF copies of a number of Finnstrom excellent articles can be obtained from this author on request).

Given the above shocking reality, there is no question that the much flouted ICC's arrest warrant of Joseph Kony and his commanders is very much an unwellcomed news in Northern Uganda. The efforts of the government of Southern Sudan which resluted in at least two face to face meetings between South Sudan vice president, Riek Machar, and Joseph Kony, the LRA chief, has raised hopes for peace in Northern Uganda. Hence the predominant opinion in Norhern Uganda is against the ICC's arrest warrent.

A church leader in Northern Uganda, Monsignor Matthew Odongo, the vicar-general of the Catholic Diocese of the northern district of Gulu, recently told IRIN:

"As religious leaders, we are concerned about the announcement by the Interpol. The ICC and Interpol should hold on and give room to negotiations and see how far this dialogue can go... This is throwing a stone into water that had settled."

"..Any move that adds to suffering of the people will not be good. We think there is no contigency plan for the ICC and Interopl to arrest Kony when the government, with an army, has failed for the past 20 years."

He then urged the international community to work for the immediate end of the conflict that continues to destroy lives of many innocent people in northern Uganda. "Can't the ICC wait and take opportunity offered by this meeting [in Juba, Southern Sudan]?", Odongo asked(IRIN, June 2, 2006).

Jackson Otto, a human rights activist in Northern Uganda also asked: "Why should they [the ICC] time this announcement ahead of the meeting in Juba? Where have they been when all these people where suffering? ... They should put peace ahead of all their intention."

Certaintly these are indeed tough questions but few answers from the ICC which at the moment has its hands in both ears.

But these were not the only voices that spoke against the ICC's arrest warrant for Joseph Kony. Betty Bigombe, a former Museveni peace minister for Northern Uganda who tried for many years, first in her capacity as a government official and later as a private citizen, to mediate between Museveni and LRA said recentlty that the ICC arrest warrant against Kony is a "complication". All her past efforts to bring the government and the LRA to a negotiating table were torpedoed by the government at the last minute. The last effort was in December 2005 in the shadow of the ICC's arrest warrent. From her new residence in the US, Ms Bigombe recently told Tristan McConnel, a reporter for Christian Science Monitor, in a telephone conversation, that "any initiative to end war must be supported by all efforts."

Bigombe remarks echo the recent statement in Kampala by the US Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, Jendayi Frazer: "If the government of Uganda can come to some agreement with the LRA, that has to be a priority."

They also coincide with opinions expressed by Norbert Mao, a local government top official in the northern Uganda and by John Baptist Odama, the Archbishop of Gulu.

Norbert Mao told Christian Science Monitor: "Peace has a higher value than anything else...I believe in the ICC. It is a great thing. But the chief presecutor's[Luis Moreno-Ocampo] mother is not in a displaced-person camp..We are grappling with and living a difficult reality."

The Archbishop of Gulu is no less cynical about the ICC's move: "Something good is coming out, and threat to arrest Kony does no good...This is the time for the ICC to keep quiet...If there is a peace process going on, and you talk about arrests, I cannot understand you." (Christian Science Monitor,June 26, 2006 edition)

If this powerful concensus from such credible bunch is in favour of peace mediation initiated by the government of Southern Sudan does not cause the ICC and Human Right Watch bureaucrats to blush in shame, what else would?

Insisting to pursue a course that can only lead into blind alley, ICC chief prosecutor, Mr Luis Moreno-Ocampo, dismissed the recent peace initiative by asserting that the LRA is only "buying time to regroup." Well, these are words of a politician, not of an impartial international judge. And when so importnat a figure gets that close to local politics, justice flies out of the window.

I would be least surprised of all if the international law upholder is booed tomorrow should he venture to visit the IDPs camps in northern Uganda


For the first time since the break out of war in northen Uganda, the BBC broadcasted a video recording of an interview conducted by Sam Framer, a journalist with the UK-based paper, The Times. Franer made a 12-day long jounreny from Southern Sudan capital, Juba, to meet Joseph Kony in the bush across the border of Democratic Republic of Congo. Kony told Mr Framer:

"I am a human being like you..I have eyes, a brain, and wear clothes, but they are saying we don't talk to people, we eat people. We are killer.That is not true. Why do you meet me if I am a killer."

Kony dismissed the accusations of killing, mutillations, and abductions as "Museveni propganda". He said "That is not true, it is just propaganda. Museveni went into the villages and cut off the ears of the people, telling the people it was work of LRA. I cannot cut the ear of my brother, I cannot kill the eye of my brother...I kill the soldier of Museveni."

Kony accused Museveni of suppressing the Acholi people with the aim of taking over their land. He called for a free multi-party democracy to be reconstituted in Uganda. It is to be recalled that in the last presidential election, northern Uganda was the only region that voted overwhelmingly against Museveni. A fact which demonstrates LRA, despite its manifested anti-community actions, does express the general disaffection by north (Pader, Langa, and Gulu regions) with Museveni's regime who comes from the south. We may fail to admit, but having seen the man on the video, Kony and his comarades, notorious they may be, stil embody the North's defiance of Museveni's rule that has tried for two decades to subdue and crash the Achoilis physically, economically, culturally, and morally. I added "morally", because despite the Musevani counter insurgency strategy that has killed so many, he still comes out to the world as the "good guy", and Kony and those sympathetic with him amongst the Acholi's as the "bad guys". The fact is, in this dirty war, no one is a "good guy."

While this is a good thing for BBC to do, it was rather too late and too little. Here one could see the BBC departure from its well known tradition of presenting a "balanced" view about contentious issues by involving speakers on the opposite side of the argument. And if that is not possible, to strive to give a robust counter argument to the incumbent on behalf of the party not represented. In this case, Jeremy Parxman allowed the Ugandan High Commissioner to read a well prepared script and to get away with it so lightly. He did not follow his usually robust and hostile probbing of the official line.

Worst, Jermy Parxman came out to be critical of Ugandan government acceptance in principle to negotiate with LRA. Apart from Kony's video, no other views in defence of LRA position were presented by the BBC. An authority in LRA war in northern Uganda like Swedish academic Sverker Finnstrom could have been asked to present a more enlightend and objective opinion.

In this age where the Internet is challenging the traditional media outlets, where information access is no longer the preserve of the BBC, CNN, and VOA, it appears the BBC is losing credibility in the third world. Increasingly when reporting on the third world, the BBC is being selective, bias, or misleading.

Together with CNN, the media giants can even be accused of conspiracy and "news fixing" by towing the official version, whatever the cost and the implication on the affected communities. If that is not the case, why it took 20 long years for the BBC to broadcast the LRA's view on the attrocities in northern Uganda?

BBC could still play a more objective role in educating the international community about war in northern Uganda.

The widening debate on war in northern Uganda is a wellcomed news. But actions must follow words. The US and Britain should join Switzerland, Norway, the Netherlands, Italy, and South Africa in backing the government of Southern Sudan to bring the government of Uganda and the LRA to negiating table. The ICC should withdraw its threat to arrest Kony and give peace a chance.

The parties to war in Northern Uganda should be encouarged to come to a negotiating table with no preconditions. Human Rights Watch should stop attempts to criminalise the government of Southern Sudan in its peace-mdeiating efforts. The UN must appoint a peace Envoy for Northern Uganda. Time tables, land marks, and targets must be drwan up, and followed through to implementation. A high level UN personnel must pay visit to Northern Uganda to give a boost to peace process.

It is evident also that the government of Uganda is unwilling to negotiate unless it is pressurised by the international community to do so. All the parties must be encouraged to sign a declaration of principles (DOP) as soon as possible. That should be followed by a cease-fire. Full blown negotiations should then follow under the supervision of UN and any countries willing to contribute possitively to a peaceful end to LRA war in Northern Uganda.

Out of desperation, many leaders in Northern Uganda are calling for peace at any cost. This is understandable, given the suffering and mortality rate in the region resulting from 20 years of insecurity. But peace at any cost can not survive morning to noon day. Only peace with justice is the greatest insurance against return to war. But what precisely forms a "just peace"?

The international community has surely learnt from experience of Sudan's wars in which political marginalisation, uneven economic development, human rights abuse, and lack of basic freedoms has continued to undermine Sudan's stability since independence. Examined closely, Ugandan's problems are not very dissimilar to Sudan's problems. This will be the topic of my next artilce.

But let it be known, it is not a matter for one person or few to define what constitutes a just solution, it is high time that the LRA and the people of northern Uganda start talking loudly about what they see will bring a lasting peace to their battered country.



    It was on Tuesday , December 27 , 1985 a Peace Pact Agreement which was reportedly aimed to put an end to the Internal confrontations in Uganda . and was said to have been signed in the Kenyan capital , Nairobi . The Agreement was reported to have been a Peace Agreement for Uganda . It was therefore to have been called the Uganda Peace Pact Package or the Uganda Peace Agreement of 1985 or simply the Nairobi Agreement of 1985 . The text meaning of the so called Uganda Peace Pact / Ageement already had indications available that could enble to formulate broad views on it .

    Notable . The problem of Uganda is one of Identity crisis , Legitimacy crisis and the issue of Sovereinty , which is still held by the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Nothern Ireland .

    In reality , the so - called Uganda Peace Agreement of 1985 was an Agreement between the Luo / Nilotic people , on the one hand , and the Bantu people , on the other hand , both the Luo / Nilotic people and the Bantu people being from the East Nile / Uganda . Properly stating , the so - called Uganda Peace Agreement of 1985 was a Luo - Bantu Peace Agreement for the East Nile / Uganda .

    The Luo interests were represented by Acholi people and the Bantu interests by Ankole people . Lieut - General Tito Okello , an Acholi heading the Luo interests and Mr Yoweri Kaguta Museveni , a Muhima from Ankole heading the Bantu interests . Both signed the Agreement .

    In short , the so - called Uganda Peace Agreement of 1985 was a Re - Unification of the fighting forces of the Uganda National Liberation Army ( UNLA ) , which was the Military of the Uganda National Liberation Front ( UNLF ) , formed during the Moshi Agreement of March , 1979 , in Tanzania . To undrestand this , a brief background History of events are needed to clarify the present - day situation of clouds hanging out here over the so - called Uganda Peace Pact Agreements of Nairobi 1985 and the today 's transformed as another Peace Pact Agreement to be reached in the Juba Talks . ( Replication of the Nairobi Peace pacts going on in Juba on Ladoland now . ) The only difference being in the fact that the discussions today are being carried out on the the piece Land of Lado but not in Kenya or in the Sudan State .The world is being deceived that there is already an existing State in AFRICA - a so called - Southern Sudan State with a full recognised Governament in function .A fiction name to replace the Kingdom / State of Lado by the Occupants . It must be clear on the minds of the people of this World that the Government in Exile of the State / Kingdom of Lado has no role - play in these Peace Agreements of Uganda Orchestrated Peace pacts neither before in Narroibi nor in the present forms going on in Juba . The hopes of Lado People is to see that as a Neighbouring State , Uganda does accept to resettle the Acholi - Nilotic people in their rightful homeland in East Nile / Uganda and fully to participate in the politics of Uganda .

    To begin with , the aims or objectives of the Moshi Conference, in Tanzania , attended by the 28 groups from the East Nile / Uganda during the period March 23 - 29 , 1979 , under the Chairmanship of Professor Tarsis B . Kabwegyere , a Muiru from Ankole , were .

    a ) / - to remove the Idi Amin regime ;

    b ) / - to establish democracy in Uganda without the West Nile / Lado ;

    c ) / - to re - establish National Independence in East Nile / Uganda .

    The implication of b ) above was that the West Nile / Lado was not needed in and was not to be considered as part of Uganda . And , the implication of c ) above was that Uganda was not Independent during the eight - year period Rule of 1971 - 1979 when it was ruled by the West Nile / Lado , with General Idi Amin Dada , a Kakua Tribe from Lado , as the President .

    The outcome of the Moshi Conference of March 23 - 29 , 1979 . was the formation of the Uganda National Liberation Front ( UNLF ), which constited of an Executve Council , a Legislative Council known as the National Consultative Council ( NCC ) , and a Military Commission known as the Uganda National Liberation Army ( UNLA ) and sometimes refered to as the Military wing of the ( UNLF ) .

    Togetherwith the Tanzanian Peoples Defence Forces ( TPDF ) and Forces from other countries in Africa and outside Africa , ( specifically from the Commonwealth Countries ) , the UNLA fought the Ugandan WAR of 1978 / 9 against the West Nile / Lado . The only point to mention in this regard ; there was a UNLA Section of a Luo people of Uganda on one hand , and another UNLA section of Bantu people of Uganda , on the other hand . The two Sections of the UNLA had only one and the same aim : to Liberate the East Nile / Uganda from being ruled by the Sudanic People of the West Nile / Lado , who were described and regarded as Foreigners in East Nile / Uganda .

    The UNLA and their Tanzanian and other Allies succeeded in April 13 , 1979 , the UNLF Government was Sworn in , in Kampala , with Mr . Yusuf Lule ( to represent the largest tribe in Uganda - the Baganda interest in Uganda - ) as the President of the Liberated Uganda / East Nile . From that moment , President Lule declared that there was the Nile between " us " , meaning that the East Nile / Uganda and the West Nile / Lado . The people of West Nile / Lado were Deprived of their Ugandan Citizenship in the Broad Legal sense . This issue was confirmed by the Ugandan Minister of Information , Mr . Aterker Ejalu , during the International Conference on Refugeese in Africa at Arusha , in May , 1979 .

    From May 12 , 1980 , some new events were in sight .

    a / - Mr Apollo Milton Obote was received in Uganda like a Head of State on his return from Exile in Tanzania . Mr Yoweri Museveni did not break off from the UNLA or the UNLF as a sign of Protest against this ;

    b / - One of the intrigues that was used was to impose Mr Obote as the President of Uganda , was for the massacres of the Sudanic People in the West Nile / Lado from October 1980 , and Mr Yoweri Museveni was the Vice - Chaiman of the Ruling Military Commission which Ordered the UNLA and the militia to carry out those massacres .

    It follows that Mr . Museveni took part in imposing Mr . Obote as the President of Uganda in 1980 . But , once Mr Obote got to power in December , 1980 , he did not give Mr . Museveni any post at all .

    Thereafter , Mr Museveni broke off from the UNLA and formed the Uganda National Resistance Army ( UNRA ) to fight Mr . Obote inorder to search for an Executve Position in the Government of Uganda . Being unable to defeat , militarily , the UNLA Section under the Luo People control , Mr . Museveni agrreed , following the over - throw of President Obote on July 27 , 1985 , to negotiate for the post of Vice -Chairman of the Ruling Military Council . which post was being held by Colonel Wilson Toko , a Lugbari Tribe from West Nile / Lado . And , the UNLA , controlled by the Acholi - Luo tribe , agreed to negotiate with him because they were unable to dislodge his UNRA forces .

    This Background information has been summarised by two West European newspapers in the following terms :

    1 . Le Monde - Dimanche 8 - Lunedi 9 september 1985 :

    Translations : " Mr . Museveni would perhaps be tempted to want power for himself all alone . Few observers are prepared to understand to say that , once in , power , he would conduct himself as a true democrat " .

    Quotations : " M. Museveni serait peut - ètre tentè de vouloir le pouvoir pour lui tout seul : peu d'observateurs sont prèts sois , à parier qu'une aux affaires il se comporterait come un vrai dèmocrate " .

    2 The Guardian - Tuesday , December 17 , 1985

    " The National Resistance Army Leader , Yoweri Museveni , said he had accepted the post of Vice - Chaiman of the Ruling Military Council , a position he has long sought ." .

    Hence , there can be no question that the so - called Uganda Peace Agreement of 1985 will solve the political problem and crisis in the East / Uganda, on the one hand , and the pollitical conflict betwwen East Nile / Uganda and the West Nile / Lado , on the other hand . That Agreement was only a military Convinience which helps to alleviate the thirst of individuals for power . This Same Peace pact as a replication is going on in Juba now - in the Year , 2006 . Mr Museveni is quite happy seeing that , this time , there are no Lado People Representations on their Peace Talks . But , He forgets one thing ------------- ?

    <<<< Voice of Lado Reports --- Institute of Sudanic Studies <<<<

    By -


    By Blogger LADO, At 1:40 AM  




    The fatal dream of the Arabs - collectively of the Eastern World and the Europeans of the Western World aims have been common since from 700 b.c and the aim was and is to destroy the entire population of the Black people on the surface of this earth .

    What ever may be the case they hide their belief in the cloak of Religion as a pretext that there is their God who empowers them in their religion faith and that gives them the damn Right to kill or eradicate , to do away , with the Black people . Both Islam and Christianity are used for this goal . The biggest lie on this world is to believe that God himself is either a Moslem or a Christian or of any related religious Affairs provided it is not of African relique ritual beliefs , and therefore to enter a Kingdom of God , a Human being has to belong to either of these mind religion faith Organisations . In the course of events few Africans could be converted to these religions but purposely to serve their Masters thus to uphold the surving Africans and to become obedient Slaves or workers .

    This treacherous belief embeded in Religion out of which springs up and has given up a base line political philosophy is what is ruining the remaing living fossils of the Black people on this planet earth still .

    What I think remains for the Blacks is to be aware of ; is the fact that a Religion is merely in differences , ways of reliques , rituals of worship formed by different living social entities / individuals mind to have as an approach to the Creator : the only creator of the different Human Souls . There will never be one such single Religion which is better than others to reach a Kingdom of God . Imagine today there are already sayings by the Catholic - Christian believers in advocating that the only true Religion to follow is Catholicism to reach God . Funny it sounds with attacks coming from other so called famous Religious organisations now . Africans have ever had religions too . Animism is a related general reflection in concept of Religion , therefore is a Religion with cults like any other with its origins from anywhere on this planet earth .


    The conquest of the Sudan ( Sudan in Arabic - Bilad-es-Sudan ) means , country of the Blacks - that region of Africa which stretches, south of the Sahara and Egypt ( Black Egypt fell under Arab Rule in the Jihad war on the Black Egyptians of the Pharaonic civilisation of Africa ) , from Cape Verde on the Atlantic to Massawa on the Red Sea.

    It is bounded South by :

    I) by the maritime countries of the west coast of Africa,

    2) by the basin of the Congo, and

    3) by the equatorial lakes, and East.

    4) by the Abyssinian and Galla highlands.

    The name is often used in Great Britain in a restricted sense to designate only the eastern part of this vast territory, but it is properly applied to the whole area indicated , which corresponds roughly to that portion of Negroid Africa north of the equator under Mahommedan influence. The terms Nigritia and Negroid land, at one time current , referred to the same region.

    The Sudan has an ethnological rather than a physical unity, and politically it is divided into a large number of States , all now under the control of Christian - European powers with exception of THE EXCLUSIVE affair of Lado ( Lado Enclave ) which till todate the Europeans find it hard issue to bring it under their Rule Control .

    The Sudan contains the basin of the Senegal and parts of three other hydrographic systems, namely : the Niger, draining southwards to the Atlantic; the central depression of Lake Chad; and the Nile, flowing northwards to the Mediterranean. Lying within the tropics and with an average elevation of not more than 1500 to 2000 ft. above the sea .

    The most Regions of the back cut off from the black North Africa by the Saharan desert, the inhabitants, who belong in the main to the Negroid family proper, are thought to have received their so called and wrongly much talked of earliest civilisation from the East of Arab influence and the Moslem religion began to be felt in the western Sudan as early as the 9th century and had taken deep root by the end of the 11th centuary . The trend of the spread of Islam was through the war ( Jihad war ) declared on the black people which statted from 700 b.c in the North part of Africa .

    The existence of Black Native States of Nubia , Ethiopia , Eritrea and Lado hindered for some centuries the spread of Islam in the Eastern Sudan . And throughout these Country States many tribes have remained without even the Western European way of worship ( Religion ) or without the Arab Religion , hence sticking to their own way of worship ( Religion ) till todate . Such is like Ori belief as a Religion Affair in Lado . It was not until the last quarter of the 18th century that the European Natives became the ruling force to re - estabish what the Arabs were doing but this time in the cloak name of Christianity out of which is fogged their political Limelines over the Continent of Africa .

    The terms Western, Central and Eastern Sudan became indicative of a created geographical positions merely. In fact the various States existing before in Africa were / and turned up politically divisible into the four groups by the Western European political minds up to this time I am writing :

    1) Those West of the Niger river;

    2) Those between the Niger and Lake Chad;

    3) Those between Lake Chad and the Basin of the Nile river;

    4) Those in the Upper Nile valley river.

    The first group includes the Native States of Bondu , Futa Jallon , Masina , Mossi and all the tribes within the great bend of the Niger. In the last quarter of the 18th century they fell under the control of France , the region being styled officially the French Sudan. In 1900 this title was abandoned. The greater part of what was the French Sudan is now known as the Upper Senegal and Niger Colony ( see Senegal , French West Africa ) . All these live now under the Sovereignty Status of France .

    The second group of the Sudan States is almost entirely within the British protectorate of Northern Nigeria. It includes the Sultanate of Sokoto and its dependent emirates of Kano, Bida, Zaria, etc ---. , and the Ancient Sultanate of Bornu , which , with Adamawa , is partly within the German Colony of Cameroon ( see Nigeria and Cameroon ).

    The third or Central group of Sudan States is formed of the sultanates of Bagirmi with Kanem and Wadai. Wadai was the last State of the Sudan to come under European influence , its conquest being effected in 1909. This third group is included in French Congo.

    The fourth group consists of the States conquered during the 18th century by the Turkey - Arab Egyptians and now under the joint control of Great Britain and Egypt of today . These countries are known collectively as the Anglo - Egyptian Sudan which became independent as todays - The Republic State of Sudan but still under the Anglo - Egyptian Sovereignty .

    Lado is not a part of this Independent Republic of Sudan at all .

    The Anglo - Egyptian Sudan , the region which before the revolt of the Arabized black tribes under Mahommed Ahmed in 1881-84 was known as the Egyptian Sudan has , since its reconquest by the Anglo-Egyptian expeditions of 1896 - 8 , has been the Area under the joint Sovereignty of Great Britain and Egypt. The limits of this condominium differ slightly from those of the Egyptian Sudan of the pre Mahdi Arabised period.

    It is bounded North by Egypt ( the 22nd parallel of N. lat. being the dividing line ) ,

    East - by the Red Sea, Eritrea and Abyssinia,

    South - by Lado and Belgian Congo.

    West - by French Congo. North of Darfur is the Libyan Desert, in which the western and northern frcntiers meet. Here the boundary is undefined , ( this is the real cause of War trouble in Darfur of the Boundry Issue at this very time of 21st centuary ) . The Anglo-Egyptian Sudan however forms the compact territory extending south wards to the north bourder line of Lado ( Lado , which has never fallen Legally under British Authority ) brings the whole of the Nile valley from the

    equatorial lakes to the Mediterranean under the control of Great Britain. The Anglo - Egyptian Sudan extends north to south about in a direct line, and west to east about also in a direct line. It covers 950,000 sq. m. , being about onefourth the area of Europe ; what follows the term Sudan is used to indicate the Anglo-Egyptian condominium only. But there is still now what is boiling in the Cocoons of the Anglo - America minds is to capture and destroy Lado as the Kingdom State ( cf : The History of Lado when Lado freed Herself from Egypt from 700 b.c ) still in Africa to show to the world that Africa has finally been completely colonised by the Western European world as enshrined in the Berlin Treaty . This , they are bringing out now by creating a new State to be called a Christian Southern Sudan State in Sudan to replace the political Indentity Issue of the State Kingdom of Lado which became so known founded Kingdom ( Modern State Kingdom ) by 9th May 864 A ,D and by the Lado Constitution of 9th May 1772 is One of the oldest State Kingngdom of the World still . The fighting going on in the Sudan Central Africa is all for that . The war machinery is being controlled by the Anglo - Americans ---- COLONISATION OF LADO . The question is , will they succeced these group of Europeans ? ?


    The Chronological Political History of Lado Kingdom " KAARI " in Africa .

    Since 3000 B C ---- Following a war which started as a Spartacus - like rebellion from 1090 b.c to 700 b. c when LADO became Independent from Egypt .

    From 700 B.C ------ Lado people struggled for their Independence from Egyptian Pharaonic Reign over them in the period of the last fall of Pharao ’ s intensified by the Power struggle between the Egyptian High Priests and the Pharao couple - Tut - Ank - Amon and Queen Neferite .

    Around 749 BC ------ The Sudanics left Egypt - as their predecessors the Jews had done under Moses around 11 -1200 BC , Led by their war hero, General Laro, the Sudanics moved Southwards and finaly decided to settle around the foot of the Mountain which they named " LADO "

    687 B. C ---------------. The Lado people moved on and last and definate to settle on the foot hills of the mountain which they named Mt Lado lying in the Sudan Central Africa with the southern tip end territory extending up to Lake Ombizako , name in Lui - Gbari language of Lado , " today called by the British " ( Lake Albert ) in Central Africa .

    640 AD — 1270 ------- Ethiopia under Rule of Lado for 7 centuries . One of such Great Ruler was from 9th May 864 A . D , has had its Rulers through the Heroes like Ancestor ( Negus ) of Ethiopia by then , Sambala Naiga , who on His part of the tract after the Political upheavels left to be exact , Lake Tana where his home place was at that time , moved lastly to Lado . ( c. f : History Research on Origines of Lado People in Africa ) .

    847 AD ----------------- A modern Nation State .- Kingdom of Lado was established in and to replace the then Ancient Lado which was founded already in 700 BC..

    13th and 14th Centuaries ------ was the period of Re - organisation of the Region ( Central Africa ) based on theTribal Philosophy in order to ensure a proper care and a better Social Services to the People . The 29 Tribes of Lado Re — organised and existing till todate with their Affiliation to the State Kingdom of Lado .

    1452 --------------------- In the period of Papacy , Pope Pius II , aimed to create a Vicariate in the Sudan Central Africa ..

    1711 --------------------- Real direct contact between Lado with the Western European World started when Catholic Mission was founded in Ladoland by the Franciscan Fathers , from Austria , during the Papacy of Pope Clement XI ( cf : by Pope Pius II , 1452 )

    9th May 1772 ----------------- THE Lado Constitution was passed on 9 May 1772, after the 60-year War (and specifically with Arabs of the Slave Trade ) and gave Executive Powers to the Agofe / King, which is the Institution of the Government. Lado was Assisted by the Jesuits who travelled from their Valleta house in Malta .

    1821 --------------- The Turco - Egyptian occupation , as it was later called , was to plunder of the black lands South Sahara deserts ( Sudan ) Lado occupied .

    13th February 1841 - 1st April 1864 -------- Turco - Egyptian Firman of 13 February 1841, and the Turco - Egyptian Firman of 1st April 1869 for the occupation of Lado which took place on 26th May 1871 to Convert Lado in a Western so called Modern State in Central Africa .

    Half of 19th centuary ( 1850 ) ---- The History of Lado took place among its ethnic groups . Re - organisation levels

    1867 ---------------------- The Jesuits remained in Lado until 1867 by which time they were replaced by the still present Verona Fathers from Italy .

    26 May 1871 ----- ----- Ottoman - Empire ( todays reduced to Turkey ) extended control of Lado under the Nominated a British National who was serving in the Ottoman Military Service by name Sir Samuel White Baker . He became the First Governor General to Lado to serve the Ottoman Interests - ( Lado Occupied ) .

    3rd August 1875 ------- Can be remembered as the beginning date , as the European States divided the African Continent amongst them , ( the Paris Resolution ) and again on 26 February 1885 (the Berlin Treaty) where they took African Freedom and Liberty and imposed their Religion and their Values on the African Peoples .

    1876 — 1878 ---------- : United States undertook to occupy Lado ---- Colonel Henry .G . Prost and Colonel Alexandra . A Manson 1876 - 1878 actively participated in the administration of Lado and all failed to control Equatoria - Lado Nation occupied for U . S . A .

    1879 ---------------------- Belgium and Lado entered into War

    1881 ----------------------- The Arab descedent Religious Force known as ( revolt of the Mahdi in the Sudan State ) made loose to Egypt the control of Lado . King Leopoldo of Belgium ordered Belgian Troops to Occupy Lado .

    25th February 1885 ----- Implication of Berlin Conferene for the Partition of Africa . Lado falls a Victim of Colonial pretext .( c,f : Article 6 in the Berlin Treaty ) .

    7th March 1887 --------- Assasination of the Royal - Agofe / King , Ayingani .

    1889 ----------------------- War ended up between Belgium and Lado which lasted for the 10 ( Ten ) years .

    17th September 1891 ( Kavali Agreement ) ----- A British Imperial Army ( King’s African Rifles ) was established in 1891 under the Kavalli Agreement of 17 September 1891. The Agreement was signed by the English Captain Frederick D. Lugard who later became the Governor- General of Nigeria and , a Citizen of Lado Major Selim Matera signed for Lado

    It was him Governor - .General. Lugard who developed the British Colonial Doctrine called The Dual Mandate ( Indirect Rule ), which is still in force through the Commonwealth Pyramid Divide-and-Rule System with the Queen / King on top, and under the Sovereign Head are the British

    28th September 1892 — Peace Agreement reached between Lado and Belgium . Leuftnant Milz took over from his Commadant Van Kerckhoven who died before arrival to Wadelai Signed it for Belgium . On the part of Lado was Signed by Commandant Fadh El Mula Aga ( A Lugbari tribe of Lado ) .This Convention Treaty came to be known Belgium - Lugbari Agreement for Cooperation Between Lado and Belgium .Belgium Recognised the Crown Sovereignty of Lado .

    29th September1892 ---- Lado allowed Belgium Flag to be hoisted at Wadelai , which was the Capital of Lado by tnen .

    12 of May and 14 of August of 1894 --- Agreement signed between Britain and Belgium recognizing the temporary possession to King Lepeoldo Lado territory called formally Side Enclave , which was separated from the Province of Bahr el Ghazal of Sudan State

    1898 Mutiny of the Uganda Soldiers ( Army ) in Uganda ------ Predominantly being the Sudanic people of Lado in the Army , They Mutined Against the British Orders which was to send them to fight their own Brothers in North Lado in the Sudan State who already were fighting against the British Soldiers ( Army ) there . The Commandant Effendi Bilal Amin ( The Grand Father of Idi Amin who later became President of Uganda in 1971 ) and his Officers were arrested and all Killed . The Indian - Asian Soldires were brought in from India to do the massacares .

    1899 -------------------- France disengaged herself from the problems of Lado thruogh the Cairo treaty of 21 March 1899 , between Britain and France which was concurrently signed in Cairo ( Egypt ) and in London ( Britain ) by the French Ambassador Paul Gabon and the British Lord Salsbury .

    December 1899 -------------------- The Treaty of Arua - Aru between Lugbara ( Lado ) and Russia ( USSR ) in December 1899 ( For friendly Cooperation ) During Nicholas II .

    9th May 1906 ------- Several Agreements were reached between the Europeans to modifiy and to delimit the sphere of influence of the Europeans over Lado .

    End of Year 1907----- All European countries Inculding( Russia ) signed Agreements to re - affirm their cooperation with Britain not to come to assistance when Britain goes to War with Lado .

    1908 ------------------- King Leopoldo made as a donation the Congo Free State to Belgium, thus becoming a Colony ( The Belgian Congo ) . leaving Lado aside .

    1909 -------------------- King Leopoldo II died and the unclear illegal adopted term of Renting Territory Side to the King up to 1910 seized to exist thus reverting Lado to Britain . Britain in her treacherous acts to destroy Lado decided on her own with War Campaigns against any of the Western powers who dared to enter into Lado Affairs , partitioned then , most of the Territory Lado Land ( Lado Enclave ) , incorporting it into the State of Sudan , except for a portion of the South , which is ceded to Uganda. 1910 - 1914 ---- Lado removed from World Map / Atlases by the British Authority .

    1909 --------------------- Treaty of Dufile ( dufule ) between Lado and U S A ( For Cooperation ) . During the period of President . Theodore Roosevelt ( New York ) .

    1914 - 1919 ------------ Britain and Lado entered into a military war battle which lasted for 5 years . In the war account , Princess Driciru was only Six Months old when she was killed by the British Army during this Lugbari (Lado - British) War of 1914-1919. She was buried alive in 1916 by the British Army. ( The British Army was defeated here in 1916 in the Battle of Erea at the foot of Mount Iti ) . The British still have never forgotten this Battle as an Issue to Hate Lado and to see that Lado does not exist any more for the World people to know this History event .

    That is why She ( Britain ) is using all the Political , Diplomatic wars and now including Military War using her Satellite Africans Countries ( Commonwealth Countries in Africa ) to Hide and Destroy the People of Lado and the Land Kingdom Lado . The State of Uganda , DR Congo , Kenya , and the State of Sudan as Neighbouring to Lado are Spearheading the Military Operations right deep in Lado now . All this is to be done before 2011 and Lado to take a New name as The Black Christian Southern Sudan State . The 29 Tribes of Lado have to Disappear and be replaced by the Tribes of the Black Sudanese in the Sudan State , the Black Tribes from Uganda , Kenya and DR Congo and then to add the other Black Communities from the other parts of Africa and the World or may be brought in Refugee Settlements from other parts of the World . This is the British Plan being Supported Highly by U S A . It is the Road Map they are talking of as the creation of a New State " Southern Sudan " in Central Africa - Sudan which is actually Lado .

    1920 ------------------- A Peace Agreement ( Truce ) was reached upon to end war between Britain and Lado ( Lado and Britain Signed ).. A Senior Police High Commissioner in South Africa Mr E.Weatherhead signed on behalf of the British Crown and hence was appointed to represent the British Crown to Lado .

    24 July 1923. 1923 , Lausane Agreement ----------------- Ottoman Empire was dissolved by the Treaty of Lausanne of 24 July 1923. According to the Lausanne Treaty, the Ottoman Empire, which had now become the Republic of Turkey in 1923, had to relinquish all the Territories under the then Ottoman Empire. This included Egypt and LADO ( Equatoria Province of Egypt ), and meant that the Occupied Territories were and still remain Political Entities ( Nation States ) . That means that LADO should have been an Independent and Sovereign Nation State in 1923.

    1926 — 1934 --------- Atrocities in Lado under the British Governor - General, Sir John Maffey,

    1927 ------------------ Her Majesty Queen Aliojeku was assassinated by the British in 1927 under the British Governor-General John Maffey ( former High Commissioner of North-West India, to-day Kashmir) .

    1931 — 1936 ---------- Tension between British occupant and Lado where war broke out into the Kakua - kajo - keji war . The United States ( U . S . A ) intervention by President Franklin D Roosevelt to end the war .

    1940 ------------------- Agofe / King , His Majesty Lemiro’s Reign culminated with his Assasination .

    1945 - The Pan Africanism Association Formed ------ Agofe / King Atabua of Lado became the Chairman of African Chiefs / Heads in the Conference which was held in Manchester in 1945 , and Kwame Nkrumah (His first name was Francis) became the secretary and Jomo Kenyatta (His real name was Johnston Kamau) he became assistant secretary. But the Agofe / King will be Assassinated because He asked USSR to raise the question of Lado at the UN in 1947 .

    26 January 1846 ----- H.H. Pope Gregory XVI signed a Document making the Upper Nile Valley, Lado, ’The Vicariate of Central Africa .

    1947 ----- King Atabua resigned as Commandant of King African Rifles ( He was later replaced by a British Officer by name Colonel Alan Knight ) to carry out the Independence of Lado in 1947.

    1947 ----- The Question of the Colonisation of Lado was raised in the United Nations Organisation ( UNO ) - Trusteeship Council which the British wished to discuss with Uganda by the USSR . The citizens of Lado asked for freedom

    14 April 1948 -------------------- Agofe / King , His Majesty Anacleto Atobua, was shot dead to prevent Him from presenting the Lado Issue at the UN General Assembly Meeting in New York, USA . Britain does everything to keep Lado as Her Possession . Military Experence of His Majesty Anacleto Atabua is as follows : In World War II , King Atobua of Lado , who was assassinated on 14 April 1948 by the British Colonial Agents on British Orders . Agofe / King Atabua commanded King Afican Regiments ( KAR ) under Admiral Lord Louis Francis Mountbatten in Burma . Admiral of Fleet, Lord Mountbatten was the Supreme Allied Commander in South-East Asia 1943 - 1946 .

    The assasination death of the Agofe / King re - opened war again with Britain . The British conservative Government under the Wise Old Man Prime Minister Winston .S .Churchhill in 1951 stopped the war . The Governor for Lado affairs by then was Major General Sir John Hall .

    1952 --------------------- Lado Envoy Extraordinary Atamva John Bart Agami who today is the present AGOFE / KING of Lado was sent with assistance of Egypt - President Colonel Abdel Nasser to USSR to meet the Secretary General Marshal Joseph Stalin as Lado situation was precipitating following the British attitude towards Lado . USSR took a side for Lado .

    1953 ----------------------- Another yet , Keego / Prime Minister of Lado was assassinated by the British to change the Political cause of Lado . In this particular moment , Lado had rejected the British intention of creating an East African Federation as Lado a part of it .

    1953 ---------------- Once again this time , the Lado Envoy Extraordinary Atamva John Bart Agami was sent with the assistance of Ethiopia - Emperor Haile Selassie Tafari Makonnen to meet Prime Minister , Wiston . S . Church hill , in Malta .

    30th April 1954 ---- Nile Bridge talks - Meeting between Lado Envoy Extraordinary and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II took place in Uganda . It was agreed that Lado would be independent in 1960 / 1961 .

    1956 ------------------ A conference was held in Arua which included , Congo’s first Prime Minister , Mr Patrick Lumumba on the question of Lado and its Peoples Rights to Self - determination and on the question of the Nile waters . ( cf .Nile Waters Agreement of 1929 and Nile Waters Utilization Agreement of 8th November . 1959 ) .

    1957 ------------------- The Representative of Lado Atamva ( Mr ) , Ringe afterwards was assassinated . Atamva Ringe is an Alur of Luo tribe in Lado.

    1958 --------------- General Elections of March 1958 were held to determine the independence of Lado and the future Prime Minister after Decolonisation . Atamva Gaspero ( a Lugbari tribe ) won the elections amongst all the candidates of the 29 tribes of Lado .

    1960 ---------------- The Agofe of Lado in the untimely natural death KARANGA / GENERAL - ANACIA BOROA , O M died of whose death the British properly took advantage for the independence of Lado as promised by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II .

    1962 --------------- Uganda received her Independence from Britain but on the Political Grounds , the Lado leader was arrested and sentenced to imprisonment by the British Authority in Uganda . He was and is the living physical person today of the Agofe of Lado who fortunately was released by his Military personnel in Uganda Uganda got its independence but remains till todate under the Supreme Authority of the Crown of Britain ( c . f : Implications of the British commomwealth ) .

    1967 ----------------- A new political Constitution after being draughted in 1966 was passed in Uganda Parliament , without allowing a debate on it in 1967 . ( intention was to hide the knowledge that Lado is a seperate State from Uganda since 1892 . ) .

    1971 ----------------- Uganda ’ s plot for the Extermination came into picture in 1971 of the 1967 Master plan to finalise but failed in carrying it out in January 1971 . The result came out of the over throw of the President of Uganda Mr Apollo Milton Obote ( a Luo trbe of Uganda State . ) . And by the Military Hierachy Major General Idi Amin ( a Sudanic - Kakua by tribe from Lado ) took over the State Affairs of Uganda on 25th January 1971 ) . In the re - orgainsation of the State of Uganda General Idi Amin thought it wise to take back the Sovereignity of Uganda to view the Uganda - Lado relations . This became a big blow defeat for the British . The Sudanic ( Ladoan people ) in Uganda and Lado finally had to be wiped off completly in a war to be declared over Lado and her people

    1975 ----------------- London Agreement of 1975 was reached . It was worked out in Lusaka in Zambia between Uganda and Britain , inclulding other commonwealth countries to fight the Sudanic tribes of the State of Lado .

    1978 / 9 : ---------- War was declared on Lado and its people ( predominately Sudanic race ) which lasted from 6th October 1978 to April 1979 , whereby 250, 000 soldiers were assembled from all over the World especially from the British Commonwealth Countries and from the Political allies of Britain . In the diplomatc channel it was Denmark , a strong British ally who undertook running the diplomatic machinary to impliment the war and was the one who raised the issue in the United Nations under the cover that the war in Uganda was necessary to over throw the World ’ s worst Dictator ever known , General Idi Amin . General Idi Amin is a Kakua - Sudanic tribe in Lado . After the over throw of Idi Amin , the coming true President of Uganda Mr, Yusuf Lule said " the Nile is betwwen us " , confirming the existence of the two States : i.e Lado ( since 1892 ) and Uganda ( since 1894 )

    March 1979 ----- The Uganda Ethnic groups ( Bantu , Nilotics / Luo and Nilo Hamatics and of Tanzania and Africans held " Moshi Agreement " in Tanzania , finally to impliment the London Agreement of 1975.

    1980 / 1 ----------- From 1979 to 1981 massive massacres of the Sudanics in the Southern Lado ( West Nile ) , in Uganda and in other East African Countries inclulding total destruction of Properties in this part of Lado ( both Private and Public properties ) were carried out in order to occupy Lado land ( cf ; Uganda plans of 1967 and Uganda decree of 12 May 1980 , Art. 5 and Art. 10 ) , This was done with full cooperation of Tanzania . The prospectve still continues under different forms of coverages .

    From March 1982 -------- Massive killings continued in South Lado Regions supported by the British Flancoster and the S .A. S ( Special Air Service ) including the Military Personel , the British ( CO ’ s and NO ’ s ) who were sent to Uganda and later to West Nile ( South Lado ) in their explicit way " Military Language " they say the British Officers are only there in Uganda to train Ugandan Military Officers as they were called on to go there on the request or on the Orders of Mr Milton Obote and Mr Yoweri Museveni inorder to fight against the Gorrillas in the Region ( The West NIle Bank Front / Military Wing ) . But Britain knows , West Nile is South Lado Region of the State Kingdom ( KAARI ) of Lado .. Meanwhile the truth is that : Lado people are Defending their Borders, their Land, their Natural Resources and their People as best they can, which is their Right under the UN Charter of 26 June 1945, Article 1, Article 51 and Article 73, including all the relevant instruments of United Nations and International Law

    7th March 1987 ------ The Lado Provisional Government, was formally proclaimed and established on 7 March 1987 in Arua - Aru in Lado ( Africa ),

    The British Attitude continues to be well seen within to influence the other Eurpean Nations towards Lado in Africa

    1999 — The latest evidence is in 1999, when the European Governments have in the pretext to destroy African Unity which was giving African people a Leeway to true Independence , Politically, Economically and Socially. They simply concocted the African Union based on the European Union and created something called NEPAD ( New Partnership for African Development ), which officially is supposed to be a Partnership between Africa and Europeans. " This is what one can only call simply a devised New system of Domination on the African People and to control the African Minds " .

    The British, who have been sharing the Occupation of Lado with Belgium since 1947, are doing everything in their Power, and are using their Position in International Affairs and in the UN Security Council, to kill the State of Lado, and they are using their former African Colonies, their African Protectorates and their African Territories to do just that .

    Britain’s Prime Minister Tony Blair’s African Creation, the " Africa Commission ’ has been set in motion with the main objective to finish off and Annihilate the State of Lado and to erase all trace of the Lado People from World Records .This is NO SECREET to a mindful Person . The Government Policy of His New Labour Party for Africa is no different from the former Old Labour Party under the Predecessor led by Rt . Hon. Clement Richard Atlee as the Prime Minister of Britain and during His Reign in 1948 ,The Agofe / King , Atabua of Lado was Assassinated

    The Republic of South Africa and the Republic of Nigeria have been chosen to spearhead this Initiative, and in this capacity The Republic of South Africa and The Republic of Nigeria today have been appointed Britain ’ s African Commissioner for NEPAD .

    By doing so, the Right Honourable Mr. Blair is covering ’ British Conspiracy ’ under the , Cloak of African Affairs and pretending that the Slaughter of a Nation and an Entire People - the Nation State of Lado and the People of Lado - are merely an ’ African Affair ’ to be dealt with solely by the African Union ( AU ) .

    2001 ------------ Lado sent a Petition to the UN Security Council and requested the UN Secretary General to act under Article 99 of the UN Charter . The Lado Provisional Government is requesting the Political and Diplomatic Support from and through the UN in order to avoid the inevitable War for the Independence of Lado and the Sovereignty of Lado ( Central Africa ) . All that , the People of Lado want and demand is the Right to Freedom and Liberty from the Intolerable Situation of Foreign Occupation of Lado .

    Lado has never been Colonised, although Occupied, in contrast to so many other African States. And therefore, No one has any Legal Right to Occupy Lado. The Lado People, demand Independence of Lado and Sovereignty of Lado, and therefore to build up their Nation to Prosper in Peaceful co - existence with their neighbouring Countries, Congo - Zaire, Sudan, Uganda, CAR ( Central African Republic ), Kenya , Ethiopia and with all Nations of the World .

    Year 2005 ----- up to ?------------- Incidences in year 2005 against Lendu people and Killings at Ariwara , Juba , Yei on Ladoland are of a few to mention yet . A Multination Force consisting of 11,000 troops from ’ Nations of the Willing ’ were seen making a swift move of insurgence to North Lado ( Central Africa ).

    Officially they were believed to supervise the ’ Nairobi Agreement’ of 9 January 2005 which is to bring Peace between the Rebel Forces SPLM ( Sudan People’s Liberation Movement ) and the Sudan Government in Khartoum . However the Truth is that : there is no doubt that behind the move is the long - term Objective to Destroy Lado, the Lado State in Central Africa situated in the Great Lakes Region and in the Nile - Congo Watershed Region, which is falsely shown or shall be shown in future on the Map as Southern Sudan and DR Congo. But it is the Northern Territory of Lado ( " Equatoria and Ituri Province of Lado " since 1871 ) . Unfortunately for Lado and Fortunately for Britain , this Operation is being carried out " New Occupation of Lado " Under the UN Banner . " The UN is assisting those who have been Waging a War against the Lado Issue of Independence since 1947 " . It looks then UN Security Council refuses to implement the UN General Assembly Resolution 1514 (XV) of 14 December 1960 and the UN General Assembly Resolution 43/47 of 22 November 1988, and which with a Majority Vote of the UN General Assembly can force the UN Security Council to abide to ", Britain is a Permanent Member of the Security anyway ! — " Must have a say for Lado then in the course of time " . How long is it taking for Britain to let go Lado for her Freedom ------ ?

    We do know that , in order to avoid having to fulfill the UN Resolutions and the Treaty, Britain and the US use the UN Charter, Article 12, for with this article they can block any issue that is not in their own interests from a vote among the membership countries in the UN Security Council itself.

    11 March 2005 ------- Provisional Government of Lado asked once again the Agofe / King a Protest Letter to be sent to the UN Security Council, ( dated 11 March 2005 ) , The Security Council must Act . There is a Lack of International Recognition of the State of Lado as an Independent Sovereign State (Lado), and because of the Negligence of the International Community, and of the UN, anyone feels free to Loot and Kill in Lado

    By refusing to allow the Independence and Sovereignty of LADO, Belgium and Britain are in Breach of The UN General Assembly Resolution 1514 ( XV ) of 14 December 1960 and the Article 1 and Article 73 of the UN Charter of 26 June 1945 and are the willing to see that the Holocaust of Lado continues under their Rule of Occupation . Now They are trying the best to rename Lado , The Christian Southern Sudan Nation Build in the Years to come. They are hoping that should be done by 2011




    British / Sudan and LADO Relations :

    Lado as moden Nation State was founded on 9th May 864 A.D

    Here are some specifications to follow very carefully in the Literature please .

    Dinka people of Sudan are not in anyway Sudanic Ladoans at all . Ladoans are descendents of the 29 tribes who all live in Lado land ( see lADO on the World Maps Before the second World war .)

    Bahr el Ghazal of the Sudan State

    Location of Bahr el Ghazal in Sudan

    The Bahr el Ghazal in Arabic language is both a River and a Region of southwestern Republic of Sudan State . The Region takes its name from the River. This River flows about 80O - 810 km east to Lake No where it joins the Bahr el Jebel to form the White Nlie sometimes called ( Bahr el Abiad ). The region in itself today , for the Administrative conditions in the Sudan State consists of the States of North Bahr el Ghazal , West Bahr al Ghazal , Lakes and Warab . Bahr el Ghazal borders Central African Republic to the West and Lado to the South

    The population of this Region is mainly by the Dinka people,and others are the Nilotic Tribes : the Shilluk and the Nuer and Jo Luo and the Acholi and Lotuhu .

    Bahr el Gazal historically was constantly subject to raids by the Fur and Arab Slave traders from the neighbouring Region of Darfur . This Slave trade was apparently put to end in 1864 by the Khedive of Egypt but soon re - emerged under Native Merchants, who set themselves up as Princes who created their own individual Soldiers . The most powerful known of them became of Al - Zubayr .

    Al - Zubayr fought and defeated a joint Turkish / Egyptian force sent to Bahr el Ghazal in 1873 . However the Khedive compromised the defeat and made Bahr el Ghazal a nominal province of Egypt, with Al-Zubayr as its Governor.

    Bahr el Gazal as the region was later incorporated into Anglo-Egyptian Sudan and became the ninth Province after being split from Equatoria ( LADO ) in 1948 , became a Province, and then State, under the Republic of the State Sudan today .

    In 1996 the Region was divided into the four current Districts as part of an Administrative re - organisation of the Country - Sudan State .

    Bahr el Gazar has been affected by civil war for many years. It has ever been a scene of fighting in the First Sudanese Civil War - AnyaAnya wars against the State of Sudan .

    In 1982 the Sudan People’s Liberation Army ( SPLA ) was formed there by John Garang of Dinka TRIBE to fight the Arab-dominated Government in Khartoum

    This became known as the Second Sudanese Civil War . A conflict which continued and lasted until 2003 and killed more than three million people. A majority of the population of the region is internally uprooted or displaced and largely most of them are refugees now in neighboring countries especially now settling in Lado Land .( Lado Occupied ). The British Politricks now and knowing that Sudan State in International Law Affairs is still tied down within the British Dominium keeps control over the Nothern Territory of Lado where they are establishing by force abd claiming JUBA in Lado becomes the Capital City of the New to be created Cristian Southern Sudan Nation State by 2011 to replace the Lado Kingdom State . Lado continues to fight for Freedom with Britain .-----


    When Lado the leader Agofe Atabua reached the military rank of Colonel, serving in the Kings African Rifles ( KAR ) 4th Regiment which was British, with headquaters in Bombo, Uganda , He went to fight for the British in Burma in 2° World War ( WWII ) with the 4th Regiment of the Kings Africans Rifles, which later was stationed in Jinja, Uganda.

    The Lado leader resigned to carry out the Independence of Lado in 1947. He was replaced by a British Colonel called Alan Knight, As a man with humane feelings He was a sort of friendly to Africans : an Englishman, a rare case. The Lado leader was assassinated on 14th April 1948, because he asked USSR to raise the question of Lado at the UN in 1947, and the British found that was not the right thing to do. They said He was opening the eyes of many Africans and African countries.

    This is because He became the chairman of African Chiefs in a conference which was held in Manchester in 1945, and Kwame Nkrumah ( whose first name was Francis ) became the secretary and Jomo Kenyatta ( whose real name was Johnston Kamau ) became assistant secretary.

    This Conference was also known as the Pan African Association ( PAA ) What happened to PAA ? This was a frightening issue for the Americans and the British. Therefore He the Lado leader ( Atobua ) was assassinated. There was a 4 Year Lado - British war following the assassination of Atobua from 1948 to 1952. This Lado-British war was stopped by Sir Winston Churchill when he became Prime minister in 1951. But during the time of the assassination of Atabua in 1948, a Labour Government was in Power, led by Rt Hon Clement Richard Attlee as Prime minister of Britain. Not from far yesterdays there has been a Labour Government again, led by Rt Hon Anthony Charles Blair who has been believed to be doing all possible to save the Africans such as through formations of New Parties for African Development programmes .

    The British keep Silent yet of having grabed the living today’s Leader of Lado and was taken by force to Kings African Rifles in 1960 and commissioned as a Lieutenant in the third KAR,( 3rd regiment ) which was Scottish commanded, East African command, in Nairobi, Kenya. In 1961, He was taken to Sandhurst,( the Royal Military Academy in England ). He finished his studies there the same year, which was not an easy issue for the English, knowing it was his grandfather, who fought the British the most ( from 1914 -1919 and 1930-1937). He was taken back to the 3rd regiment in Nairobi, Kenya.

    In 1962, while a Captain He was then taken to go and fight in Western Uganda by the border with Ruanda. At a place called Kisoro. After this, He was taken back to Nairobi and appointed High Commissioner ( KAR ). Today when you talk of High Commissioner you are talking diplomacy but militarily we should say High Adjutant of King African Rifles ( KAR.). He represented the British Imperial Chief of Staff in Nairobi. On march 1st 1962, He was appointed a full Colonel without passing through the rank of Major first and sent to command 4th Regiment ( KAR ) to Uganda. He took the job, to organize within 6 ? 9 months, the Uganda army for Independence which was due on 9th October 1962.. Uganda did not have an Army. They only had a regiment ( 4th Regiment of KAR ). They did not have a Ministry of Defence. So He had to organize and Head the Ministry of Defence in Uganda himself. So He did all that, under British Colonial adminstration . Colonel William (Shane ) who had served with his father in WW II in Burma became his Military Advisor. Before his coming He was serving as Chief of Staff in the British Protectorate of Uganda ( 4th regiment KAR ). There was no African He was dealing with. He was only dealing with Europeans. Everything was European in concept and so forth. That is why, He clashed with the British; and He was arrested on the 11th September 1962 judged at night and 12th September 1962 He was imprisoned for 7 years in Luzira maximum Prison ( next to the execution chamber Room 8 ). The reasons were all political in nature. The issue was: He was asked to sign that Lado should be passed into British Administration. He refused to sign it and for three weeks He was tortured in Luzira prison. In October, He organized with some of his soldiers ( 4th regiment KAR ) an Escape from the prison. That was in 1962. From then till now the present Leader of Lado is living in exile ( barring a brief period in 1971 from June to Nov and another period from January 1973 to April 1974 ). He is now in Exile for at least 40 years yet leading his people for the due independence for Lado .




    Although of short - lived existence, King Leopold II of Belgium had ordered the Belgian troops to occupy the Land Territory Situated in vast Sudan African Region in an attempt of colonisation of Lado to full fill his last thirst of Colonisation and this last territory added was to be part of « Leopoldian Sudan », more known under the naming " Lado ’ s Enclave ", and infact to become an integral part of Congo but not Sudan . .

    Indeed When in 1881, the revolt of Mahdists ( Religious Groups of Arab descedents ) ended in the loss of the control of Egypt over the Upper - Nile Sudan Regions , Leopold II viewed it as a great Opportunity to spread his Territory Conquest Ambitions to the River White Nile .

    He therefore organised several Military expeditions for this purpose from 1881 starting from the Belgian - Congo Territory . King Leopold met with a fierce Resistence when the Belgian forces came into war Battle with the Lado Defence Forces . This war came to an ended with a Peace Agreement signed both by Lado and Belgium for a peaceful Cooperation signed on 28th September 1892 which entered in the International Convention Rules in which King Leopold accepted not to Exercise His Crown over the Sovereignity of Lado .

    Commandant Fahd El Mula Aga ( a lugbara ) signed the treaty for Lado and for Belgium it was signed by Leutnant Milz who took the place of the Belgium Commandant Van Kerckhoven who died before arrival to WADELAI - ( by then Capital CITY of LADO ) .

    This Agreement in short to say was recognised by the signature of two successive agreements ( in May 12 , then in August 14 , 1894 ) , wherein the British Government declared , in the name of Egypt , to let King Leopold II have a territory called " Lado’s enclave", Lado state which became Seperated from the Bahr el Gazal’s State of Sudan Sudanese Province ( Bahr el Gazal at times called the " River of Gazelles "), and being bounded by the latitudes 5°30 ’ N. and 30 ° W.

    The Fachoda in Sudan State incident, which set British troops against French at the edge of the Nile, the Sovereign Power of Egypt on Sudan was however restored and Britain decidedly through Military intimidating , obliged Leopold II to give up Lado ’ s Enclave in 1903, with the exception of Ituri / Uele - Wele , Mahagi regions of LADO . The south part of Lado was inturn ceded to Uganda which till today they call " West Nile " in Uganda . and the North of Lado attached to Bahr el Gazal . The towns of Juba and Yei etc ---- are town areas of North Lado .

    Since this Division / Partion of Lado is up to now illegall , Lado accordingly in LAW is a Sovereign State with all full rights to Protect Herself : Land Territory and her Citizens ( Article 51 of U N Charter ) from any Foreign Agressions even be attacked by the Mighty Britain and the like .

    By the Actions of Britain against Lado since from 1903 till today Britain is therefore still occupying Lado Militarily and so doing through these African Countries who by their Virtue being under the Supreme Command of the British Crown is Occupying Lado . You can be independent Country but without Sovereignty you and your Country remain a Colony or you are still Colonised on This Planet EATH . The British Diplomacy today , following the U N resolution ( ( cf : UN General Assembly Resolution 1514 (XV) of 14 December 1960 and the UN General Assembly Resolution 43/47 of 22 November 1988 ) is frenetically to re - introduce another notion to present now that Sudan State must be seperated in two Countries : North Arab Moslem Sudan and South Black Christian Sudan . But the Real Truth remains still to live the North Lado to Bahr el Gazal and now to be called a New created Southern Sudan State is inorder to remove Lado State Immage . This is the Trying Diplomacy of the British always against Lado .

    Lado must be under a new controlled State as Southern Sudan State still for the British Interest .

    The FLAG ISSUE FOR LADO by Belgium


    Colonel Colmant of Belgium imagined for the territories of Congo and Lado a flag and a coat of arms being inspired by the Congolese flag. The coat of arms is the copy of the flag augmented with the personal coat of arms of Leopold II as always indicated

    The blue colour and the yellow stars are directly inspired by the Congolese flag, so reminding the link with the Independent State of Congo. They are combined with St Andrew’s cross, or cross of Burgundy, in memory of the Company of Oostende which financed the first Belgian colonial expeditions.

    N.B — But It is to be noticed that neither this coat of arms, nor the flag, were officially recognized.




    By ,


    Lado - Institute of Sudanic Studies

    Occupied Kingdom State of Lado





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