Saturday, April 15, 2006

Garang's University of Science and Technology (GUSTEC)

Would it not be great if the Assembly for South Sudan should pass a resolution to commemorate the memory of Dr John Garang by establishing a well funded and prestigious institution of its first kind in South Sudan. Departments should include:
Engineering (Mechanical, Civil and Environmental, Architecture, Electronics, Software Engineering and Information Technology)
Communications Engineering,
Journalism and Media Studies
Business, Management, and Enterprise
Arts and Design
Music and Drama
It should be open to all South Sudanese students from all backgrounds to compete with prestigious Scholarships for top students that would include a summer course and and most able students at top world institutions of learning (e.g. Harvard, Oxford, California, Yale, Princeton, Cal tech, Standford, Cambridge, as well as African Universities etc).
It should strive to attract the best academics across Africa, Middle East, and the world with an excellent remuneration package.
It should be led by one of our most visionary academics.
It will be a great ticket into the bright future for many generations to come and remember the founder of a nation.
Just a thought for you and our decision-makers to ponder on.

John A. Akec
9 December 2005
"The future belongs to those who have the courage to will, and act"